I'm Olivier Destrebecq, an independent iOS developer. I spend most of my time helping startup bring their MVP to life, get valuable feedback and information from their user base to drive the future enhancement to their product. I've built a dozen applications, including apps with similar features to your project.

I'd love the opportunity to work on your app if things are a good fit. Take a look at my past work and then let's chat.

- Olivier Destrebecq



Wazza is a French startup whose aim is to disrupt the current approach to health at work in French companies. They want to transition the health approach from a curative approach to a preventative approach.

We create tools to measure the well being of employees and explore trends to detect issues early on. One of those tools is a mobile application.

For this project, I've implemented both the iOS and Android application using React-Native. Check it out in the AppStore and Google Playstore.


Fluke Connect


Fluke Connect is an iPhone app which allows maintenance crews to collect data using a wide range of bluetooth connected measurement devices. This data is then available in the cloud to get the big picture of a building's equipment condition.

You can learn more about this at http://connect.fluke.com

For this project I lead the iOS team to build the version 1 of the application. Working with the team to improve software quality and release cadence. I also implemented the shared UX elements, the web service to coreData sync layer, continuous integration system, video conference feature (including server side).

This application won multiple awards once released.


TenStats was an iPhone app and web site for tennis player to improve their performance based on their tennis matches. The players filmed their matched, then got a point by point statistical analysis and coach review of their game.

For this project, I created the MVP app and website. This project used Parse, AWS and was written from the ground up in swift for the app, and a javascript web app for the site.

This application is not available in the appStore anymore.


Histumbler was born out of my passion for photography and curiosity for the history of my neighborhood in Seattle.

Histumbler was an iPhone application to view picture of what your neighborhood use to look like. Geo-located images from Flickr helped you discover your neighborhood history.

This application is not available in the appStore anymore, though I'm working in my spare time to bring it back.


ClimberBeta was a community powered rock climbing guidebook. All the route information included a photo, description, rating and geo-location to easily find it.

At the time when this was implemented, Parse and other Server as a Service did not exists, so I implemented all the back end on a LAMP stack on an AWS instance and created the iphone application.

I also worked on prototypes which never got released:

- an iOS application coupled with a bluetooth sensor to wear on your golf glove to detect your golf swing and automatically keep your score

- an iOS wine menu reader using optical character recognition (OCR) to give you advice on which wine is best to have at a restaurant

- an iOS to automatically forward your iCloud photos to an email address for your friends who don't have an iPhone

I worked on some other projects during my career at Microsoft including office.com, Excel for Windows Phone, Flight Simulator and Visual Studio. While at Texas Instruments, I implemented TI CellSheet Converter and TI Connect (I don't think those are maintained anymore).