Here is what I have to say

One thing I learned over time is that I like to share what I have learned. Give back to the community when I can. Below you will find the various talks I have given. 


Native VS React Native(french)

In the mobile world this question comes up again and again. It's almost a religious war. 

In this presentation I explain what are those two approach to mobile app development and in which situation each of those might be best.

Presentation made for Pearl Partner's afterwork.


As a business why and when is it a good idea to create a mobile app (french)

If you're not a startup, then creating a mobile app might not be an obvious decision. In this vidéo, I'll explain when and why it is a good idea to do so.

Presentation made for the business club 06


Natalie: keeping your swift strings straight (French)

Natalie is a tool to generate code from your storyboard so the compiler can help you ensure you don't try to navigate to a screen that does not exists.

Presentation made for the French Reviera Mobile Development meetup


Mobilization 2017:Don't loose your users because of endless quality issues

In October 2017 I made this presentation at the Mobilization 2017 conference.

"Getting someone to download your app is hard enough.

Don't scare them away with constant crashes, bad behaviors and errors which make your app unusable. During my presentation, I'll go over techniques, habits, and tools to keep your iOS app in tip-top shape."


FastLane: build automation for iOS (french)

Fastlane overview. A tool to automatie the build of your iOS app and more.

Presentation made for the French Reviera Mobile Development meetup



SwiftLint: A tool to keep you honest (french)

An overview (in French) of what SwiftLint can do to improve your software development skills.

Présentation made for the French Reviera Mobile Development meetup


I co-organise the French Riviera Mobile Development Meetup and we film the various talks. Check out the youtube channel with all the talks (in French).