Unlike other consultants or developers, I’m both an experienced program manager and an active developer

Yes, you need a great developer, but what will add the most value to your project is someone that can look at it critically and help you make it the best it can be for your users and your business goals.

Through years of experience working for others (Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Real Networks, Dogfish Software), I learned from the best what it takes to create a quality app. Over the years, I have learned that you need good technical skills as well as good design skills, good communication skills, good organization and an eye for detail. All those are skilled that I honed over the last 15 years as I have worked in the software industry in different roles: iPhone/iPad developer, User Experience Designer and Program Manager.

If you work with me, I'll bring all that experience to your project to ensure that your business goals are achieved.

Other who have worked with me have appreciated my ability to distill complex problem to manageable concept, my pragmatism, my eye for detail and my critical thinking.

On a personal side, you can talk to me about rock climbing, technology, podcasting, location independent lifestyle and we'll probably be talking for a while.

Why do I create applications for other businesses?

I love working on new challenges, I love building things, I love helping people grow their business.

Why do I love high quality apps?

Have you heard about Norman doors? They drive me crazy. 

Do you notice when the horizon is not level in your pictures? I do, so I edit my pictures to make sure they are perfectly level.

Do you use apps that crash all the time? I fix those.

Do you center your picture frames on your walls? I get the ruler and level every single time I'm hanging something on the wall.

I love quality things, poor quality drives me away, this is why I love building quality apps.