Hey there, I'm Olivier, I provide app strategy, UX design development and maintenance for teams creating their first mobile app (MVP or v1). 


Do you have an app idea, but don't have the technical knowledge?

There is a lot of work from idea to release in the AppStore. And a lot of mistakes you can make that will sink your project:

  • Underestimating how long it will take to build it
  • Not realizing that something is not technically feasible
  • Making the wrong technology choice
  • Hiring/selecting the wrong person for your team
  • Not having sound answers for your investors around the technology
  • Not having a good idea of the implementation cost

When you are in the research phase for your project, you want to know what is technically feasible, what technology can be used, what budget you need, have pitch-perfect answers for your investors around the technical solutions and know where to find the right professional to create your app. Imagine having clear and quick answers to your technical questions and being able to focus on customer research.

As you dig deeper into your project, you'll find more and more questions that only someone with technical expertise can really answer for you and guide you through the entire app creation process. 

My Founder Tech Support program provides you the technical support you need as you progress through that research phase of your project.

Ready to talk implementation?

Already feel like you have a good grasp on what your app will include, perfect. Time to talk about implementation. This is a tricky area, lots of moving parts, lots of questions, lots of new unknowns that surface. A lot of founders found this overwhelming:

  • Do you need a custom backend or a SaaS backend?
  • Which stack should you choose for your backend? 
  • Should you go native or hybrid?
  • Which third party service to use?
  • How do you find a great designer, backend developer, Android Developer and iOS developer?
  • How do you manage a mobile app project on a day to day basis?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

If you want to reach the AppStore as quick as possible, then you'll want to make sure to manage your project effectively, choose the right backend for your project, the correct mobile technology for your goal and budget, hire the right persons, know how much it will cost and how long it will take. Without those answers, you won't succeed. Imagine having a clear plan, schedule and budget to get you to the AppStore.

Get a seasoned iOS app creator, developer and project manager to create this plan with you.

During a Road Mapping Session we will dig deep into your project and create a complete plan, so you can start implementing right away.


You are a founder or team leader who has an iPhone/iPad app that is going to change your users world? You've been talking to everyone about it? Everyone thinks it's a great idea but you're don't have the skills to build it? Are you talking to potential investors? Maybe you even already have a first design/prototype to show?

If you are ready to take your project to the next level? Send me an email and I'll be in touch to get you started.



What previous clients have said about my work:


The Big Boss Studio

When we started working with Olivier we had just inherited a project for a large French luxury brand which had been implemented by separate freelancers. We very quickly realized that the work was going to be much larger and much more complicated than we originally thought to be able to release this app. Unfortunately, we did not have enough expert senior resources in-house to complete the project. 

We needed to hire someone who could jump into the project, be productive quickly and be autonomous in his work.

We first met Olivier during the French Riviera Mobile Development meetup he organizes and saw him present. We thought at the time that it would be great if we could work with him. After meeting with him we realized that he was very pragmatic and his approach to his work would be a good fit for this project.

At the start of the project, we were worried about the remote nature of the engagement. Though very quickly we realized this would not be an issue. Olivier is very autonomous and we set up the right communication tools right from the start and this proved to be a non-issue.

During the project, Olivier was very easy to work with. He not only did what we hired him for (creating new features and fixing bugs), but he also helps out team grow by suggesting the use of new tools and technologies that we will carry forward on all our projects. His participation in the code reviews was also especially important, giving honest and fair feedback to the developers on our team. This helped improve our code quality and helped our team grow. 

Overall, Olivier is a very solid senior iOS senior developer. Whether it was architecture, data modeling, UX implementation, no matter the task at hand Olivier had good answers to the problem at hand.

Robin Authiat, lead iOS developer and Eric Di Filippo, Founder

Big Boss Studio, Nice




I'm Raphael Bidegaray, I'm the CEO of 14th, a French startup whose aim is to  to disrupt the current approach to health at work in French companies. We want to transition the health approach from a curative approach to a preventative approach. 

We create tools to measure the well being of employees and explore trends to detect issues early on. One of those tools is a mobile application. 

When I met Olivier, he had been recommended by our web development agency, but neither they nor we knew him. He appeared to be someone who knew what he was doing. This was our first application, and a big investment for us, so we were a little nervous.

Over the course of the project, Olivier reassured us by delivering features on time with great quality and attention to details. He is very rigorous in his work and this shows in the quality of the app he created for us. 


Setting up continuous integration was on our list of things to do, but we did not want to take our team away from implementing new features.

Olivier listened to our goals and picked the perfect solution for us.

Throughout the entire mission, Olivier was responsive and followed up regularly on the project.

Despite a few unpredicted issues, Olivier did not give up, really dug into the issues, found the solution and ultimately delivered the solution we needed. He supported us and guided us in implementing the changes required on our end.

Pascal, Alexandre, Guillaume



Baby Sittor

We were running into major issues preventing our user from signing in to our app for the last 3 months. No one internally or that we talked to could not find what the problem was.

When I first talked with Olivier, I was impressed by his education and experience. I trusted him through the entire mission. Olivier understood quickly what our issues were and explained to me what the issues were in an easy to understand manner.

Even after the end of his engagement Olivier was available to provide extra guidance when we ran into another issue.


Dogfish software

'Extremely practical' is a phrase that immediately comes to mind about Olivier.

Having the pleasure of working on several large projects as a project manager with Olivier, he expertly filled the role of  Sr. iOS developer and team lead for Dogfish Software.

I was always impressed by Olivier's knack for problem solving and bringing solutions to even the most difficult of issues. Never afraid to jump in when needed, Olivier would be an asset to any team or project.


Other companies I worked for



Contribution to the Mobile App development community

I organize the French Riviera Mobile Development meetup (in french) which meets once a month. Each month we have several presentations on various topics around mobile development. You can see the videos of past presentations to get a sense for yourself.



Mobilization 2017

In October 2017 I made this presentation at the Mobilization 2017 conference.

"Getting someone to download your app is hard enough.

Don't scare them away with constant crashes, bad behaviors and errors which make your app unusable. During my presentation, I'll go over techniques, habits, and tools to keep your iOS app in tip-top shape."


Matinal business 06

As a business, why and when is it a good idea to create amobile app for your business? I'm answer those questions and more in this talk I made at the matinal business 06 (in french).



This is a sample of the projects I have worked on over the years, I also worked on desktop applications, but that's is not why you are here.


TenStats was an iPhone app and web site for tennis player to improve their performance based on their tennis matches. The players filmed their matched, then got a point by point statistical analysis and coach review of their game.


Wazza provides a service to large company to keep a pulse on their work force well being. The mobile application implemented in React Native allows the employees to rate their well being on a daily basis in a playful way. 

Fluke Connect

Fluke Connect is an iPhone app which allows maintenance crew to collect data using a wide range of bluetooth connected measurement devices. This data is then available in the cloud to get the big picture of maintenance state of buildings.


Histumbler was an iPhone application to view picture of what your neighborhood use to look like. Geo-located images from Flickr helped you discover your neighborhood history.


ClimberBeta was a community powered rock climbing guidebook. All the route information included a photo, description, rating and geo-location to easily find it.


You have an idea you'd like to get started on? Reach out, I'll get you started on the right track by first understanding your business requirements. 




I'm Olivier Destrebecq, I've been in the software development industry for the last 17 years. I've been a software developer, project manager, UX designer and founder of a startup. I've worked on mobile apps, desktop software, web sites and web apps. 

Through years of experience working for others (Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Real Networks, Dogfish Software, Fluke), I learned from the best what it takes to create a quality apps.

Other who have worked with me have appreciated my ability to distill complex problem to manageable concept, my pragmatism, my eye for detail and my critical thinking.

I co-organize the Mobile Development meetup for the French Riviera and have enjoyed sharing my knowledge there.

On a personal side, you can talk to me about rock climbing, technology, podcasting, location independent lifestyle and we'll probably be talking for a while. 

I'm currently located in Le Rouret, right next to Sophia Antipolis.


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I'm located in Le Rouret just north of Sophia Antipolis on the French Riviera