Not finding a great developer will cost you thousands of dollars

Maybe your UX will be screwed up because he did not pay attention to details. Maybe your app will be impossible to change because it is horribly coded. Maybe your app will be full of bug and you would not even know it. All off those will force you to spent more money to get it all fixed. You'll have to spend more time to find someone to replace your developer. 

If you are a small company or startup which got a first version of your app coded and it went south, then let's work together. We can get you back on track.

And I'll guarantee that you'll find that you can trust me and that you'll be informed of the progress.

To help you establish that trust, I'll do a few things:

  • Start with a road mapping session so we can clearly outline the work
  • Diagnose your codebase to see what's shape it's in
  • Setup weekly planning meeting with you so you know what will happen that week and plan the next few weeks.
  • Set up daily sync up call/email so you can see progress
  • Set up daily builds so you can see what progress is being made
  • Set up weekly build so you can sent it to your testers

Part of my engagement includes free bug fix. That means that if after the app is released you find a bug in my code, I'll fix it free of charge.

You might wonder about pricing. Yes, I tend to charge more than your average junior app developer. Think about it though. How did you end up looking for a new developer? Did the relationship not work because you could not trust him? Was your last developer a bit too junior? Is your code base a mess? Then investing in someone with experience is worth it. Trust me.



What previous clients have said about my work:



Setting up continuous integration was on our list of things to do, but we did not want to take our team away from implementing new features.

Olivier listened to our goals and picked the perfect solution for us.

Throughout the entire mission, Olivier was responsive and followed up regularly on the project.

Despite a few unpredicted issues, Olivier did not give up, really dug into the issues, found the solution and ultimately delivered the solution we needed. He supported us and guided us in implementing the changes required on our end.

Pascal, Alexandre, Guillaume


Baby Sittor

We were running into major issues preventing our user from signing in to our app for the last 3 months. No one internally or that we talked to could not find what the problem was.

When I first talked with Olivier, I was impressed by his education and experience. I trusted him through the entire mission. Olivier understood quickly what our issues were and explained to me what the issues were in an easy to understand manner.

Even after the end of his engagement Olivier was available to provide extra guidance when we ran into another issue.



Dogfish software

'Extremely practical' is a phrase that immediately comes to mind about Olivier.

Having the pleasure of working on several large projects as a project manager with Olivier, he expertly filled the role of  Sr. iOS developer and team lead for Dogfish Software.

I was always impressed by Olivier's knack for problem solving and bringing solutions to even the most difficult of issues. Never afraid to jump in when needed, Olivier would be an asset to any team or project.


Other companies I worked for


Risk free

Since trust does not get built in a day, I guarantee my work in two ways:

  1. If at any point in our first 7 days of our work together you decide that I am not meeting what I describe here, just request a refund and I'll send your money back, no questions asked. 
  2. If after our engagement you find a bug in my code, I'll fix it free of charge, just let me know.


This is a sample of the projects I have worked on over the years, I also worked on desktop applications, but that's is not why you are here.


TenStats was an iPhone app and web site for tennis player to improve their performance based on their tennis matches. The players filmed their matched, then got a point by point statistical analysis and coach review of their game.



PodTrack.io is a service to help podcasters understand their audience. It allows them to know which part of their episodes are actually listened to and drive decision from this data. Also, it makes it easy to keep track of iTunes review in one place.


Fluke Connect

Fluke Connect is an iPhone app which allows maintenance crew to collect data using a wide range of bluetooth connected measurement devices. This data is then available in the cloud to get the big picture of maintenance state of buildings.


Histumbler was an iPhone application to view picture of what your neighborhood use to look like. Geo-located images from Flickr helped you discover your neighborhood history.


ClimberBeta was a community powered rock climbing guidebook. All the route information included a photo, description, rating and geo-location to easily find it.


You have an idea you'd like to get started on? Reach out, I'll get you started on the right track by first understanding your business requirements. 


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