Reach your business goals with a mobile app

My goal is to help startups and other organizations plan and build amazing mobile apps to achieve their business goals. 

Unlike other consultants or developers, I’m both an experienced program manager and an active developer, so I can ensure a strategy that furthers your business goals and is technically feasible.


Not ready to spend 10 000€ on an app without knowing what it's going to do?

This is why I do road-mapping first, so you know ahead of time how your app will look like and what it will cost.

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Technical expertise

You don't have a computer science degree or a technical team?

I'll bring the experience necessary to design an app that is technically feasible, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Project management

I'll use the skills I learned as a program manager at Microsoft to keep your project on track, keep you informed and show you progress regularly. So you don't have to worry about the outcome of the project



What previous clients have said about my work:



We are part of the development team at Evaneos Evaneos, a french startup which created both an iPhone and Android application to help travelers build a tailored trip through a local travel agency.

We want to ensure a high quality for our application, but also want to focus on creating great features in our apps. Setting up continuous integration was on our list of things to do to achieve this quality goal, but it would have taken us away from building great features.

Olivier had the experience we needed in building continuous integration system. He gave us lots of information on the various solutions available to us to meet our goals. He guided us to the solution that fits our needs.

At the beginning of the mission, we were wondering about the remote nature of this mission, but in the end, it worked perfectly. Olivier was responsive and followed up regularly on the project.

Despite a few unpredicted issues, Olivier did not give up, really dug into the issues, found the solution and ultimately delivered the solution we needed. He supported us and guided us in the changes we needed to make on our end to ensure the success of the mission.

Now that our continuous integration is set up, once we create more tests, we’ll be able to ensure a great user experience in every release by preventing future regressions.

Pascal, Alexandre, Guillaume


Baby Sittor

I’m Thomas Clamagirand, CEO of babysittor.com, a French startup.

After migrating our application off of parse server we were running into major issues for the last 3 months (a lot of our users couldn't login into our app) and we were having a really tough time identifying what the problem was. Our CTO could not find what the problem was, I went and chatted with lots of startups in Paris in case they were familiar with the issue, but no one had a clue as to where it was coming from.

When I first talked with Olivier, I was impressed by his education and experience in our space. His past experience with Parse was a definite plus.

At first I was worried about the remote nature of his engagement and was worried about the bill, but at no point during the mission did I feel like I did not trust him. Olivier understood quickly what our issues were, got up to speed very quickly and explained me what the issue were in an easy to understand manner which was very reassuring.

Even after the end of his engagement Olivier was available to provide extra guidance with our servers when we had an outage over the weekend, which was great.

I’m happy to provide references for him if needed.



Dogfish software

I'm James Johnston, program manager at Dogfish Software in Seattle, WA.

'Extremely practical' is a phrase that immediately comes to mind when I think of Olivier Destrebecq.

Having the pleasure of working on several large projects as a project manager with Olivier, he expertly filled the role of  Sr. iOS developer and team lead for Dogfish

I was always impressed by Olivier's knack for problem solving and bringing solutions to even the most difficult of issues. Never afraid to jump in when needed, Olivier would be an asset to any team or project.


Distilling the app creation process down

Meet and greet

This is the time for me to learn more about you, your business, the problem you are trying to solve and obviously your dream app. It will also be a good time to tell you if what you want to do is do-able.

Road Mapping

We will dive deeper into your idea, we'll talk about your business, your users, your business model, the risks associated, what is success. Coming out of this will be a report identifying several direction you can take and including my expertise and experience. Learn more...


Once you picked a direction, I'll start working on the design of the solution. Their again, you'll have to make some choices as to which design you want. I'll obviously give you the information you need to make an informed decision.


This is where the magic happens, the project will be broken down in small steps so you can see your app coming to life as we go.


Once everything is done, you obviously need to get the application through the AppStore and on your customer devices.


Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Some bugs will have survived the development process, Apple will change their software and your app will need to be updated. I'll be there to guide you through this cycle.


This is a sample of the projects I have worked on over the years, I also worked on desktop applications, but that's is not why you are here.


TenStats was an iPhone app and web site for tennis player to improve their performance based on their tennis matches. The players filmed their matched, then got a point by point statistical analysis and coach review of their game.



PodTrack.io is a service to help podcasters understand their audience. It allows them to know which part of their episodes are actually listened to and drive decision from this data. Also, it makes it easy to keep track of iTunes review in one place.


Fluke Connect

Fluke Connect is an iPhone app which allows maintenance crew to collect data using a wide range of bluetooth connected measurement devices. This data is then available in the cloud to get the big picture of maintenance state of buildings.


Histumbler was an iPhone application to view picture of what your neighborhood use to look like. Geo-located images from Flickr helped you discover your neighborhood history.


ClimberBeta was a community powered rock climbing guidebook. All the route information included a photo, description, rating and geo-location to easily find it.


You have an idea you'd like to get started on? Reach out, I'll get you started on the right track by first understanding your business requirements.